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More Thoughts on the Definition of Marketing

October 27th, 2015
Steven Howard

Marketing means creating and keeping good customers   In the previous Keeping Good Customers Blog, we offered the following as a new definition of marketing: “The ultimate role of marketing is to create and keep good customers, to the benefit of customers, the organization, and stakeholders.” When I first proposed this new definition of marketing in my Monday Morning Marketing Memo newsletter a few years ago, many readers responded with thought-provoking responses, a …

A New Definition of Marketing

October 22nd, 2015
Steven Howard

The role of marketing is to create and keep good customers It was with shock and horror that I read a few years ago an Australian Marketing Institute white paper titled What Value Marketing? describes “the ultimate role of marketing as delivering increased shareholder value.” When and how did our profession get so far off the mark? Contrast this with the new definition of marketing from the American Marketing Association, unveiled at about …

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