Creating Complete Customer Satisfaction

May 31st, 2016
Steven Howard

Fire Your Customer Service Staff. Today.

I often advise senior management and business owners that their companies and  organizations today need to change from a focus on trying to win new customers to concentrating on meeting and satisfying the needs of their current customer bases.

With this strategy, the aim is to achieve a high degree of complete customer satisfaction with the customers you already have in hand.

Good customer service is no longer good enough. As a matter of fact, I encourage each of you reading this Powerful Marketing Memo today to “fire” all of your customer service staff. That’s right, fire them. And then hire them back 15 minutes later as customer satisfaction staff.

I am not playing a game of semantics with you.

Customer service tends to be reactionary and process oriented. Customer service people are often measured on how many customer complaints they handle per shift.

Customer satisfaction is both more anticipatory and pro-active. First, it seeks to ensure that the customer is fully satisfied, not merely mollified with a quick-fix solution or an apologetic reward.

Second, customer satisfaction is also a mindset that seeks to anticipate future customer needs and therefore prevents the organization from making future mistakes and errors.

Numerous research studies have shown that if you can reduce your attrition rate….that is the annualized rate of lost customers….by as little as five percentage points, you can increase your bottom-line profits by anywhere from 25% to 85%!

That’s right, just keeping more of the customers you have, and preventing them from taking their business elsewhere, can have an immediate positive impact on your profits.

The single best way to keep customers from leaving?  Completely satisfy their needs!

Then they will have no need to look elsewhere for solutions to their problems or opportunities.

Key Point: you can increase your bottom-line profits by as much as 85% just by reducing customer attrition.

Taking Action: what would it take to change the mindset of your customer service people so that they became more pro-active and thought of themselves as customer satisfaction people?

What would it take to change the mindset of your management team so that they knew how to manage, motivate, and reward a customer satisfaction staff?

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